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Zero Popup

Intelligently Kill Annoying Popup Windows Without Interfering Normal Browsing

Are you tired of those annoying unsolicited pop-up windows? Are you not satisfied with other popup killers that interfere your normal browsing by blocking new windows that should not be blocked? Now here is the solution -- Zero Popup.


Internet Spy Hunter

Guard your privacy by monitoring and killing spies

Never send out private information from your computer without your permission. No more spies. This software monitors and blocks spywares, data spills, web bugs, un-friendly referers, malicious cookies, advertisements, third party scripts, third party style sheets, third party animations (Shockwave Flashs, Audio Clips, video clips and others) -- Internet Spy Hunter.


Banner Ad Filter

Intelligently Filter Intrusive Web Ads, Web Bugs and Cookies

Using knowledge base to filter web banner ads, web bugs and intrusive cookies to enhance your browsing speed and privacy -- Banner Ad Filter.


Auto Highlight

Intelligently Highlight Search/Content Keywords

Do you want keywords to be highlighted when browse and search? Now here is the solution -- Auto Highlight.



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