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Zero Popup®



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Intelligently Kill Annoying Popup Windows Without Interfering Normal Browsing

Based on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technologies

Block 100% Unsolicited Popups

Never Interfere with User's Navigation and Opening New Windows

Configurable White List

Clear Cache, Cookies, Favorites, AutoComplete Forms and Passwords, AutoComplete Web Addresses and History

Block "Web Page Dialog" popups that are becoming popular.

Option to Intelligently Block  Banner Ads including Multimedia Banners and Floating Banners

Collapse and Clean the Space Occupied by the Banner Ads

Show Link URL in Tooltip

Save Bandwidth by Blocking Popups Without Loading

Temporarily Disable to Allow Some Popups

Detailed Blocked Popup Log

Move links or web sites from Blocked Popup Log to White List

Customizable Notification on Blocking

Light Weight IE Browser Add-in and Automatically Start with the Browser

For Japanese users, you can get

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