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Zero Popup

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Intelligently Kill Annoying Popup Windows Without Interfering Normal Browsing

Click the following real links to do the real tests 

Simple Tests (Most of the existing popup blocking programs can not pass this.)

Popup on closing a window

Web Page Dialog Popups These kinds of popups are becoming popuplar and most of other popup killers can't block them.

DVD.Box.Sk (Very tough test)

Pop-Under Ad Example (Block pop under ads)

Shockwave Web Site (this web site contains sexually explicit material)

Check Zero Popup on our competitors's test page and you will know who is the best popup killer.

Guard IE test page

PopupDummy! test page. In fact the number 4 and number 5 should not be blocked because if you don't click them, they won't popup. Otherwise interfere your normal browsing.

Popup Ad Filter Test page

Webwasher test page

Safe Popups that should not be blocked. Otherwise interfere your normal browsing.

Yahoo Game Rooms. Click each game room, it should open in a new window. Click the image or click the larger image. You should see it open in a new window.

For Japanese users, you can get

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